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Face Recognition

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Access Control

Face recognition ensures only authorized users can access facilities, personal records and more, with touchless convenience.


Public Safety

From routine surveillance to border control, Bosphorus face recognition enhances how you protect people and identify threats


Commerce & Marketing

Deepen retail relationships, make relevant product offers and more with Bosphorus tools that connect with customers.

1. Access Control

2. Public Safety

3. Commerce & Marketing

Bosphorus Face Recognition

Bosphorus helps customers make smart, strategic investments, and our technology is designed to evolve with their changing needs. Some customers come to Bosphorus with a specific goal in mind and can hugely benefit from using multiple technologies to fit a broader plan.

The Bosphorus Face Recognition Advantage


Angle-to-frontal analysis

Bosphorus uses unique mathematical approaches that convert all non-frontal faces to frontal images, modifying facial elements to standard forms.

Removal of identity masks

An intelligent feature algorithm homes in on faces that are obscured by facial hair and sunglasses or have different skin tones.

Minimal IT drain

Bosphorus solutions require significantly lower hardware and related technology investments, allowing customers to deploy resources smartly.